Industry Relations

Advisory Board

as of July 2021

  • Adrian Banner, Chair, INTECH, Princeton, NJ
  • James Clark, Toyota Financial Services, Plano, TX
  • Peter Cotton, INTECH, Princeton, NJ
  • Joseph D'Anna, Zeconomy, NY
  • Bruno Dupire, Bloomberg, NY
  • Joseph Langsam, Center for Financial Policy, University of Maryland
  • Bob Lowes, Santa Barbara
  • Francois Millard, The Vitality Institute, Chicago, IL
  • JB Rodgers, WMD Asset Management, Santa Barbara
  • Larry Stern, Canterbury Consulting, LLC, Charlotte, NC
  • Mike Stewart, Cardiff Associates, NY
  • George Tharakan, Alamar Capital Management, Santa Barbara
  • Brian Wignall, Edgestream Partners LP, NY
  • Frank Zhang, Annexus Group, Scottsdale, AZ


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